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Skwama woman, apple green/cobalt

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La Sportiva


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Sensitive, snug fitting, flexible climbing shoe ideal for top performance both on rock walls and in the gym, designed for use on overhangs and slabs.

Like the scales of a snake, Skwama is the super sensitive, all embracing climbing shoe, capable of supporting the climber in his more technical moves on overhangs. (indoors and outdoor) and on slabs. Designed for performance this model is extremely flexible thanks to the new construction of the sole, which increases the possibility of using the shoe spread on the rock in a homogeneous and uniform way. The suede leather and micro-fibre uppers perfectly wrap-around the foot eliminating rigid areas and internal voids, promoting stability in torsion, thanks also to the innovative patented shell S-Heel TM that maintains stability accentuating the performance and the 'adaptability in the shoe during heel hooks. The Skwama TM model in protective, ultra sticky rubber at the toe protects against abrasion and forms a grippy surface for toe hooks. The Vibram XS-Grip2 sole provides maximum grip on any type of wall. Skwama: it fits like a skin, it protects like a scale.

  • The new construction concept combines the advantages of a tight fitting slipper with the precision and volume regulation of a Velcro lacing system shoe
  • Maximum sensibility and precision including torsion stability: the shoe follows the movements of the foot eliminating empty volumes and rigid areas.
  • Innovative patent S-HeelTM heel: allows perfect stability in torsion enhancing performance and flexibility for heel blocks.
  • Innovative construction of the sole in two parts, designed to enhance the longitudinal flex and to encourage the "spread" of climbing shoes.
  • Upper: Microfibre in combination with suede leather, tubular construction.
  • Midsole: LaSpoFlex 0,8 mm + P3 System.
  • Sole: 3,5 mm Vibram XS Grip2 
  • Patents: Permanent Power Platform.
  • Weight: 420 gram (pair, size 39)