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Miura woman, white/jade green

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La Sportiva


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Precise, firm and structured. No compromise in search of performance.
A classical La Sportiva model: precision and support make this climbing shoe a performance slipper, for those who do not want to miss anything during their climb. Material and shape make this women's version ideal for all female climbers who like to wear a structured shoe, able to provide all the necessary support for the most demanding climbing walls.

  • Structured shoe made from single piece leather.
  • Maximum precision on small holds and heel hooks.
  • Anticipated lacing to allow for extra precision during the hood.
  • Double tension trim to guarantee maximum support for the foot.
  • Upper: Suede leather, slip lasted.
  • Lining: Dentex
  • Midsole: LaSpoFlex 1,1mm anterior part of the shoe only.
  • Sole: 4 mm Vibram XS Grip2. 
  • Weight: 440 gram (pair, size 39)